Fushicho Daiko strives to share the art form of Japanese Taiko drumming with the people of Phoenix, Arizona, the US southwest and the world. The concepts of teamwork, cooperation, community, cultural awareness and acceptance, and musical and artistic excellence are developed through education and performance opportunities.




  • The individual learner - for self-growth and self-fulfillment
  • The Fushicho Daiko Dojo community - for creation, maintenance and growth of a group of individuals linked by common desires and goals.  This includes public sharing and presentation of process and product developed within the dojo community.
  • The Phoenix/Arizona/US/Japan Arts community - for collaboration with other artists; exchange of ideas, beliefs, creative processes and results. There is development of unique and original works of art that are then shared within the greater community.
  • Phoenix community - for ongoing performances and presentations for the purpose of entertainment, education, inclusion, and recruitment.
  • Outlying communities - for unique experience for lesser served communities and populations that benefit from exposure to the concepts presented by Fushicho Daiko.
  • Japan - for cultural exchange and goodwill ambassadors provided to the people of Japan. Individuals and groups from Japan provide programs and experiences for US and Arizonan citizens alike.
  • Schools & Education - for educational and/or performance programs that enrich and support the schools’ educational standards.